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Baler Overview

What do you want to bale? How much of it do you have? What size is it? How do you want to load it? We probably manufacture the equipment you need.

We build balers for:

  • cardboard
  • newspaper
  • office, computer, & other papers
  • aluminum cans
  • "tin" cans
  • plastic bottles and jugs
  • plastic bags and other plastic film
  • foam
  • carpet and textiles
  • scrap metal and cable
  • used oil filters

No matter whether you only generate a few boxes per day, or need to process 10 tons of plastic bags every hour, we've got a baler that will handle it. Our product range includes:

F-series balers

vertical balers

horizontal closed door

horizontal open-end auto tie balers

twin ram auto tie balers

Customized Waste Solutions

Available compactor options include: various configurations of feed hoppers; automatic cycling; remote controls; container fullness reporting; dumpers; key or code required for access and/or operation; towable waste carts for spotting around large properties; many sizes and styles of containers; etc. Our success is built on a stable crew of good people with many years experience in designing and manufacturing waste equipment. If you have a special requirement, ask us; we've probably seen it before and can propose a solution that will fit your site and budget.