Dealer Advantages

We prefer to focus our energy on what we do best – designing and manufacturing quality waste and recycling equipment. Since we cannot meet most of our customers face-to-face, we enjoy working with dealers who represent and service our products in their individual markets.

Why work with Summit Equipment?

  • We are loyal to our dealers. When a prospective client contacts us, we "prefer to refer" to a dealer who can provide more direct assistance and advice. And, if you're an active dealer, we won't appoint another one to compete next door to you!
  • We offer a broad scope of products. We don't make just balers or just compactors. You can assemble an entire system for your customer using Summit components manufactured, interfaced, and tested together in our factory. We do the trouble-shooting so you don't have to.
  • We are flexible. Because we're small, we listen to dealers and customers. We can often put together a solution the "big guys" either can't or won't. Do you have a client with a special situation? We can help.
  • We offer experience. We've been around awhile. Even before we began Summit in 1991 many of us worked together building waste and recycling equipment clear back into the '70s. Our crew is experienced and knowledgeable. We can supplement your experience, and provide equipment for your client that will fit better because we know what works and what pitfalls to avoid.
  • We're easy to work with. At least we understand that building relationships is the cornerstone of business success. After all, businesses don't do business with businesses; people do business with people.

Contact us today at 208-773-3885 or ContactUs@SummitEq.com about working with a manufacturer that is loyal to dealers, offers a broad product line, is flexible, is experienced, and will treat you respectfully.