Closed Door Balers
Dock-Installed Closed Door Balers
F66 Dumper Masked Closed Door Balers
Outdoor Closed-Door Balers
Overhead Feed Closed-Door Balers
Tipper Dumper Closed-Door Balers

Horizontal Closed-Door Balers

Download F66 Balers Brochure


  • Different bale size
  • Larger or multiple cylinders
  • Longer or shorter top feed opening
  • Custom feed hoppers
  • Additional horsepower
  • Dual/redundant power unit
  • Handing
  • Fluffers
  • Bio-degradable AW hydraulic fluid
  • Shear blades
  • Ripper teeth
  • Fluid heating or cooling
  • Extra wear liners
  • Regen' hydraulics
  • Lower or Upper eye systems
  • Elevation for underneath cleaning
  • Dumpers, tippers

NOTE: Baler frames are built as appropriate for the cylinder forces applied. For example, an MD9 ('D' series with 9" cylinder, for scrap metal) is built much heavier than a D7 ('D' series with 7" cylinder, which could be used for shredded paper), even though their bale cross-sections are identical.

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